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nebraska criminal defense attorneys Association

Promoting Excellence in Criminal Defense


We will strive to educate policymakers and the public about criminal law and criminal procedure, the social issues relating to criminal defense, and explain to NCDAA members the position of government officials and candidates on matters relating to criminal defense.

NCDAA is an organization made almost entirely of attorneys who practice criminal defense law. As such, our positions on legislation should be based on an accurate understanding and a correct interpretation of the law. When we express a legal opinion on a legislative proposal or suggestion, we should strive to be thorough, complete, committed to our basic principles, and be consistent with a commitment to defending the constitutional rights of our clients.

Your membership supports all attorneys who practice criminal law by providing for a representative for NCDAA at the Capitol.  Our lobbying effort has grown significantly in the last several years and we are engaged with policymakers on all issues of criminal procedure, criminal law, and criminal justice.  Our involvement—and your membership—is making a difference in by providing for criminal justice reform, moderation in penalties, a limitation on new crimes and onerous penalties, and developing and maintaining and creating criminal procedures necessary to meaningfully defend our clients. 

The Legislative the Committee is made up of members who review and track introduced legislation of interest to the NCDAA.

Legislative Committee Members

Lobbyist - Spike Eickholt, Eickholt Law

    • Webb Bancroft, Lancaster County Public Defender 
    • Gerry Piccolo, Hall County Public Defender   
    • Jennifer Houlden, Lancaster County Public Defender
    • Kenny Jacobs, Jacobs Alexander Law
    • Justin Kalemkiarian, Berry Law Firm
    • Sarah Newell, Berry Law
    • Kristi Egger, Lancaster County Public Defender 
    • Tim Noerrlinger, Naylor & Rappl Law Office
    • Mark Porto, Porto Law Office
    • Tom Riley, Douglas County Public Defender   
    • Abbi Romshek, Douglas County Public Defender  
    • Lauren Walag, Douglas County Public Defender
    • Robert Williams, Williams Law 

nebraska criminal defense attorneys Association

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